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Made Before Heaven

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A tiny speck glistens in the Indian Ocean. A lush green centre of vast sugar cane plantations, a golden ring of sandy shores, a bejewelled band of coral reefs amidst a halo of azure waters. A rainbow of colour, a tropical paradise - Mauritius.


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The bijou island country of Mauritius, measuring just 2.000 square kilometres in size, sits prettily amongst the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean just 20 degrees south of the equator. With its 110 miles of pristine coastline, it is surrounded by a deep cool lagoon, filled with a myriad of multi-coloured fish effortlessly gliding amongst the pristine coral reefs. Mauritius may be small in size, but it is perfectly formed and packs a big punch when it comes to history and culture.

This tropical island has some of the world’s most stylish hotels, gracing its white sandy beaches and turquoise shores and offers resort style with elegance and charm. The style ranges from contemporary luxury to country house colonial decadence.

All offer impeccable service, top class cuisine and fine dining and most have luxurious spas waiting to pamper, regenerate and rejuvenate. All in all Mauritius, with its diverse activities and colourful history and culture is the ideal destination for both honeymooners and couples as well as families and friends.

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