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Weddings & Honeymoons
Weddings & Honeymoons
Weddings & Honeymoons
Weddings & Honeymoons
Weddings & Honeymoons

Weddings & Honeymoons

Weddings & Honeymoons

Perfect retreats to fulfil your every dream


Getting married abroad is one of the most amazing ways to start your life together: in most of our destinations, you are guaranteed great weather and most definitely stunning scenery to boot. From an intimate beach ceremony for two on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean to a glamorous, exotic party with all the family. The style and tone all depends on you.

Booking a honeymoon with us, means that after the big day and all its bliss, the romance continues on to a relaxed and idyllic honeymoon destination. Bear in mind that if you get married in your perfect paradise, the honeymoon destination is so much easier to get to afterwards! You can even partake in some island hopping and take in two picture perfect destinations or combine an island getaway with a luxury safari.

Weddings in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is a perfect and unique location thousands of miles from anywhere.  This faraway paradise will truly give you the seclusion and privacy you yearn for.  The tiny islands set in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean allow you both time to relax and unwind and to find yourselves. Stroll barefoot, hand in hand along soft white sandy beaches, fringed with coco de mer palms or jet out on a private yacht across to the outer islands, a tropic idyll - your own private Robinson Crusoe Island.

Weddings in Mauritius

This small island with its turquoise lagoon and coral reef is as naturally colourful as its cultural mix. With its clear warm waters and white sandy beaches, it offers the idyll of a tropical island but with its colourful melange of cuisine, history and culture, it has so much more to offer. Discover Creole and African cuisine or visit some of the old colonial sights on it sugar cane plantations. Add to this the warmest of welcomes and service that is hard to beat and you have an all-round experiential paradise.

Weddings in the Maldives

These lush green emerald Islands in the sapphire seas of the Indian Ocean will take your breath away. An idyllic setting with a slow pace where your every desire is a smile away. Chill out in your own private water villa, the crystal waters lapping below and tropical fish as colourful as rainbows passing beneath you. Luxuriate in decadent beachfront spas with views of the blue horizon and sun kissed sands. Your honeymoon will be a true Castaway experience.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai Weddings

These two Emirate treasures, nestled between the Arabian Desert and the azure waters of the Persian Gulf, ooze luxury and Arabian Mystique. Both have all the eastern promise you could wish for, from Bedouin camps, camel rides and desert safaris amidst the burnt sandy dunes to minarets, mosques and gold and spice souqs. Both have continual sunshine, excellent service as well as an array of fine cuisine and a lively nightlife. However, whilst Dubai is “Gucci” in style, and has the glitziest, biggest, tallest and most expensive (as well as a list of luxury hotels as long as your arm), Abu Dhabi, the capital city plays the “Armani” card of authentically Arabic understated elegance.

African Weddings

Africa as wild as it is, provides the ultimate romantic getaway and can be easily twinned with one of our Indian Ocean islands to create the perfect wedding and honeymoon combination.

Imagine yourself, deep in the secluded African wilderness, in your own private honeymoon suite in a luxury safari lodge. After a day in search on the big five, you relax over a romantic candlelit dinner for two, the sun setting over perhaps the Serengeti Desert of the Masai Mara, the call of the wild echoing in the distance.

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