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Luxury Travel Destinations

From the island paradises of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian mystique of Dubai and Abu Dhabi — SeyExclusive will find you the perfect destination

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Incredible Island Holidays

We specialise in stunning island paradise holidays in The Seychelles, Mauritius and The Maldives.

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an Arabian Adventure

Abu Dhabi and Dubai with their rich Emirate past and strong identity have stunning hotels, making them a perfect luxury destination for opulence and adventure

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Destination Expertise For The Luxury Traveller

We only sell what we really know and our years of experience and expertise have made us specialists in luxury travel destinations

Why SeyExclusive?

Our Destinations

Explore The Seychelles

Idyllic laid back islands in a unique location, where a simple pleasures and raw natural beauty awaits you. Tropical waterfalls framed by swaying coconut trees, fresh fish served with a warm smile: this is island life, gentle like a warm breeze.

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Discover Mauritius

A tiny speck glistens in the Indian Ocean. A lush green centre of vast sugar cane plantations, a golden ring of sandy shores, a bejewelled band of coral reefs amidst a halo of azure waters. A rainbow of colour, a tropical paradise - Mauritius.

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Explore The Maldives

Picture thousands of atolls strung like an emerald necklace across a sapphire sea, filled with fish as colourful as tropical birds gliding amongst coral reefs. Feel the warm welcome - your every desire and whim is just a smile away.

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Abu Dhabi — City of Gold

Like a phoenix from the flames, an opulent metropolis rises from the ashes of a fishing village. Contemporary and yet traditional, forward thinking and yet reserved, cultivated and yet true to its Arabic roots. It retains its Arabian Mystique.

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Dubai — Pearl of the Gulf

Like a lotus in the desert, Dubai rises up amidst the arid sands of the Arabian desert. Unexpected and rare, cultivated and preened, elegant and refined. Filled with exotic charm and decadent beauty: Heaven and hedonism on earth.

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Africa — The Cradle of Life

From forests, savannah and deserts to magnificent deltas, great lakes and lofty waterfalls, across Africa stunning landscapes teem with herds of wildlife and intriguing creatures whilst immense oceans lap onto white sandy shores and vast dunes.

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Let us take you on a journey to the world of Luxury Travel – through the island paradises of the Indian Ocean to the safari rich countries of Southern and Eastern Africa and the Arabian mystique of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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More About Us

If you're planning your dream wedding or honeymoon in paradise or in search of a holiday filled with rich and diverse cultural and scenic experiences, we at SeyExclusive have the passion and personal touch that will help you to create your perfect holiday.

Our Philosophy

We only sell what we really know and our years of experience and expertise have made us not only specialists in the true getaway paradise that is the Seychelles, but also in the nearby destinations that combine perfectly with it to create the ultimate travel experience. The glamorous Emirates filled with culture and desert landscapes combine perfectly with the gentle and laid back idyllic islands of the Indian Ocean. Spotting the Big Five in the savannahs or wildernesses of Africa is topped off with relaxing days on warm sandy beaches with the ocean lapping at your toes.